SMPS Power Supply Battery Charger

SMPS Power Supply cum Battery Charger ( OR Float Charger )

SMPS Power Supply Battery Charger

ESI “SMPS Power Supply cum Battery Charger” is meant for feeding load as well as charge the connected battery to provide continuous supply to the load.

AC supply is converted to constant voltage DC by high speed switching and connected to the critical load. Battery of appropriate rating is also connected across the load (or floats across the load) so that during power outage battery feeds the load without any interruption. It may be called a DC UPS.

Brief specification:

Input Voltage 150 to 270V
Battery voltage 24/30/48V DC
Wattage Capacity 600W+600W
Converter configuration Fly-back or Forward Converter
Control mode Constant voltage, current limiting

1.Float cum boost Charger (Single converter)

2.Float and boost  Charger (Double converter)

Salient features
  • AC under & over voltage protection
  • Output over load & short circuit protection
  • Low ripple
  • High efficiency
  • On board EMI/RFI filter
Cooling       Air natural or forced cooling
Mounting Wall/ Floor