Float cum Boost Battery Charger

ESI Float cum Boost Battery Charger are generally used as Float Charger in HV Switch Gear back-up system.These may have single phase or three phase input.We make upto 300 kilowatt in single rectifier. ESI manufactures both “Float-cum-Boost” and “Float-and-Boost” Battery Chargers along with integral DC Distribution Board .

     SCR Charger

Input Voltage Single or Three phase
Battery voltage 24/30/48/110/220V DC
Rectifier configuration Full wave half control in 1 phase OR Full wave fully control in 3 phase
Control mode Constant voltage, current limiting or constant current voltage limiting.
  1. Float-cum-Boost Charger with single rectifier
  2. Float and Boost Charger with double rectifier
  3. Dual Float cum Boost Charger with parallel redundant operation having current sharing facility
Salient features a)    Pulse inhibit against system faultb)    Soft start with sharp current limitc)    Protected against online short circuitd)    Temperature compensation for SMF VRLA Batterye)    Protected against surge & spikesf)     Low ripple content & psophometric noiseg)    Excellent regulation with fast dynamic responseh)    uC based DV/DT termination and data logging (optional)i)      Device over temperature shut down (optional)

j)      Audi-visual annunciation with remote extension

Construction Folded construction with 2mm CRCA sheet steel
Degrees of protection IP-42
Cooling Air natural or temperature controlled forced cooling
Painting Epoxy based Powder coated after 8-tank pre-treatment


Technical presentation on FCBC pdf