Control & Instrumental Transformers

We design and manufacture dry type as well as cast resin transformer and choke for OEM as well as captive application: 


Our range :

  •   Control Transformer
  •   High Isolation Transformer
  •   Lighting Transformer
  •   Reactor for Drives
  •   Auto Transformer for Starters
  •   Any special Transformer for critical application

Our Capacity:

  • Up to 100KVA in 3 phase
  • Up to 25KVA in 1 phase
  • Up to 6.6KV in resin cast
  • Up to insulation class-H

Our Commitments :

  •   All the transformers are designed for optimum cost to performance ratio.
  •   All the transformers are vacuum impregnated with class-F varnish.
  •   Only high quality super enamelled copper/aluminium wires/strips are used.
  •   We use only CRGO/CRNGO-0.35 or high permeability electrical grade laminations
  •   Ducting is provided in large transformer for improved cooling.
  •   Each transformer is routine tested as per IS2026 or IS11171