E-Rickshaw Battery Charger

Micro controller based SMPS Battery Charger for  battery driven rickshaw (E-rickshaw) : New ESI micro controller smps battery charger brings extra life to your e-rickshaw batteries. It is a compact, high efficiency charger that enhance battery life and retains its efficiency and prevents battery from early death.

Technical specification of the Battery Charger:

Battery 4X12V tubular 88/100AH
Input voltage 170-270V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz
Input current < 3.5A AC (true RMS)
Charging current 3 stage charging with maximum current 12A
Charging voltage 64V
Charging sequence
  • Initiation with a small delay & soft start
  • Pulse charging for de-sulphation
  • @12A  CC up to 50% charge
  • @10A CC up to 80% charge
  • @9A up to 95% charge
  • Absorption charge at CV mode  
  • Float charging at low current
Line & load regulation ± 1%
Ripple voltage at resistive load < 0.5% peak to peak                                                                                                                                                                                           
Efficiency Better than 85%


Salient features of ESI Charger:
For the life of battery

    1. Pre-programmed multi stage charging profile
    2. Initial de-sulphation ensures cell balancing & longer battery life
    3. Charger prevents over-heating & over-charging of battery
    4. Supersedes standard VOLTAGE sensing (for end of charging process)       by TIMER over ride for ill maintained or aging batteries  

Friendly features for the end-user

  • Depth of charge status by multiple LEDs
  • Charging indication with a blinking LED (LED1).
  • CV  mode charging indication
  • End of charge notification by buzzer and steady glowing of charging LED (LED1)
  • Blinking of end- LED (LED5) for handicapped battery
  • Easy replacement of mother board ensures quick on the spot servicing

For the life and protection of the charger

    • Protection against reverse polarity connection of battery
    • Twin fan cooling
    • Thermal shutdown
    • Standard EMI/EMC compliance
    • Protection against over load & short circuit
    • Protection against input over voltage & surge
    • Inrush current limiting by delay and soft start
    • Incorporation of TVS for protection against switching spikes
    • Multi stage charging reduces over- heating of charger
    • Optimized design for Cost and Quality
    • Generous component layout for easy airflow
    • Proper heat-sinking for good thermal stability
    • Magnetics are vacuum impregnated with class-F varnish

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